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How FluentERP Software Can Help You run your Business

Friday Apr 1, 2022

How FluentERP Software Can Help You run your Business

In working with other companies, I found out that the 3 key issues they’re struggling with their current Enterprise Resources are:

  1. Supply Chain Management

  2. Work Order Scheduling

  3. Manufacturing Execution Planning

In the past few years, we helped a few companies to streamline their processes using our FluentERP modules, resulting in enormous fiscal savings, revenue added and productivity increased.

The picture above gives a top level view of the functional modules in our ERP and here is a quick review of each.

  1. Our Supplier portal is tied in real time to our Forecast management module, which automatically updates the RM required on the portal for the respective Suppliers. This is done real time whenever the Customer forecast is uploaded. This will resolve the Supply Chain management issues and reduce inventory costs.

  1. The WMS(Workorder Management System) works with the Customer Forecast schedules to create only required work orders and hence reducing productivity costs. The MES (Manufacturing Execution System) module works in coordination with the WMS and Capacity Planning module to allocate manufacturing of Work Orders to the appropriate work centers without any manual intervention.

  1. FWF –The WMS module provides a FWF (Flexible Work Flow) feature which can be used to configure the process steps by the enterprise based on the part(s) being manufactured. The Workflow also allows the various departments to collaborate in getting Work Order from Open to Close.

  1. The Customer Portal offers a view of the status to the customers – of their work orders and dispatches. This will help in huge cost savings in support for the enterprise.

  1. Our FluentERP is on Microsoft Azure and is accessible globally. The ACL module controls the access based on the role and department. Role-based policies safeguard data so users can access the data they need in a secure yet efficient manner. Audit trails are provided to allow the enterprise to easily track any changes made to the system, when, and by whom, to ensure that users don’t make any changes for which they are not authorized.

  1. Reports and Analytics - FluentERP provides several reports that pull data in real time, improving the efficiency and accuracy of the decision-making process.

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