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Achieving Success using FluentERP

Tuesday May 17, 2022

Achieving Success using FluentERP

Managing a manufacturing organization is a huge challenge. You constantly run into issues like

  1. accountability,
  2. communication gaps,
  3. missing deadlines,
  4. no proper workflows
  5. lack of requiredinformation(data)
  6. manufacturing part data not easily accessible
And maybe more

Our ERP Software, FluentERP, can help with most of them.

FluentERP is an invaluable repository of valuable information, it improves efficiency and its automation capabilities help the organization heads to focus on the creative and strategic side of decision making and planning instead of spending time on repetitive and time consuming tasks.

FluentERP binds different corporate functions and helps a company to efficiently manage its resources. One of the most important features of ERP is its ability to integrate organizational activities by standardizing and streamlining business processes across various departments.

Here is how FluentERP achieves the objectives of a manufacturing organization:

  1. Assigning Responsibilities

Role-based policies safeguard data so users can access the data they need in a secure yet efficient manner. Audit trails allow organizations to easily track any changes made to the system, when, and by whom, to ensure that users don't make any changes for which they are not authorized. This feature along with workflow based Work Orders prevents any communications gaps in the organization.

  1. Milestoning the Progress

Workflows are managed by milestone approvals in the Work Order. The approvals are made by the relevant departments once they finish their tasks. This will help in identifying where the work order is held up and one can remove the blocks and help in meeting the deadlines.

  1. Making Work Order the center piece

One of the key factors of FluentERP is the Internal Work Order which brings all the pieces together. Workorder is workflow based and gives the overall pulse of the shopfloor. All the required data like Part Master Info, Sales Order details, GRN inputs, Delivery Schedule and more importantly Manufacturing Details like Process Sheet and BOM will get collaborated here for manufacturing the part. Once the part is produced stage inspection and final inspection data will get entered here. At that point the Work Order status can change to Closed from Open and is ready for Dispatch.

  1. Reports and Analytics

FluentERP solutions provide flexible reports that pull data in real time, improving the efficiency and accuracy of the decision-making process. Our comprehensive out-of-the-box reports will normally fulfil the requirements of any enterprise. However, custom reports can also be provided instantaneously.

Final Remarks

Our FluentERP can help your management with a digital solution that will optimize your team's efforts and boost their performance and productivity.

Our future blogs will detail these and additional features like Supplier Portal , Customer Portal, MES, etc. Please stay tuned.

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