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How we collaborate with our clients

At Fluentsoft, we start the process of collaboration early on. During the project's discovery and strategy phase, the entire project team has the chance to meet and work with the client, continuing through design. If the development team enters the project months down the line, they will not have the overall project context, irrespective of how many on-board meetings you organize. This does not imply that the team has to be with the client in every single working and planning session, but I find bringing the team together when it counts can help save time and money later in the project.

Here at Fluentsoft we are doing our utmost to bring together team members who are comfortable with this level of integration. Ultimately, we discover that an empowered team with a direct customer access line works best to get in on time, on budget and in scope!

Who We Are

Fluentsoft is incorporated in the State of California (USA) with offices in Santa Clara, CA, USA and in Bangalore (Fluent Technologies), India. Fluentsoft creates world-class software solutions for the Enterprise world in the areas of ERP, CRM, ELM and Paperless Shopfloor.
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