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ERP for Manufacturing Organizations

FluentERP is an ERP Software for component manufacturers provides a powerful Workflow-based solution to manage the business from Customer Order to Dispatch along with dashboard analytics. Our leading edge MES for Capacity Planning makes life easier for the PPC and our Supplier Portal helps in accurate Purchase Order timing to reduce Inventory Cost.

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material suppliers chain
ERP for Material Suppliers

FluentERP for Raw Material suppliers efficiently manages the stock and prepares the machine-ready material as required by the component manufacturers. FLuentERP maintains strict processes for Incoming Inspections and stricter Control Plans for quality controls in the work orders for the Customer-Ready-RM.

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shopfloor a webapp

FluentPSF arms the ShopFloor personnel with all the technicalities required to manufacture the component. Oily papers and unclear documents are out. Appropriate MPS (Master Process Sheets) and drawings are available at the click of a mouse for the Operators to correctly manufacture the parts resulting in lesser defects.

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CRM for Gig Economy

FluetCEP for the Gig economy manages the Customer Requirements and Resources. Our AI-based SRS (Smart Resource Scheduler) automatically matches the resources to the requirements and dispatches the Task. Supporting MWM (Mobile Workforce Management) app allows the field personnel to update the tasks on completion.

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Retail - Loyalty CRM

Our Loyalty CRM for the Retail segment efficiently manages Sales and Members along with their redeemable/referral points. Bulk email marketing campaigns and special occasion emails can be sent to targeted members. Location-wise sales reports, SPVs, gift vouchers, etc. and special reports like RFM are included to help increase sales.

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CRM for DORM Management

FluentDMS, a workflow-based Dorm Management System, allows various departments like Sales, Admin, Maintenance and Clients to collaborate in Booking, Assigning rooms. Checking-in/out of the tenants. Online price negotiation, Contract Management,etc. and reports like Tenant Demography, Dorm Occupancy, etc. are also provided.

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Make your business nimble with Fluentsoft's Integrated Platform

supply chain
Efficient Supply Chain

Real-time updates of RM Qty to Supplier Portal as per Forecast Online updates of supplier dispatch helps in reducing inventory costs Optimise operations planning Integrate forecast and fulfilment.

productivity planning control
Facilitate Productivity & Planning

MTO or MTS - Automatic Production Scheduling based on Customer Forecast and available Work Centers to Enable shop floor automation Incorporate Operator and Production Efficiency to incentivise Operator productivity.

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OTIF for Quality

OnTime and InFull Delivery enabled by Analytics/Dashboards and Charts. Provide advance alerts for upcoming dispatch activities Manage Customer and QA Rejects and Reworks efficiently with NCs.

Ease of Use

Fluentsoft products are intuitive and efficient and require minimum training. We constantly innovate our products to enhance their usability & give users the best experience. Help and FAQ are provided along with excellent Support.

Modules in our Manufacturing ERP

Automate your business processes with our Cloud based ERP Software for Manufacturing
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Work Orders
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finance and accounts

Manufacturing ERP - Planning & Production Efficiency Charts

production efficiency chart
Production Efficiency

Production Efficiency chart gives the productivity of each machine for any selected date range. Helps the Production Supervisor in identifying the weak spots and where maintenance is required.

operator efficiency chart
Operator Efficiency

Operator Efficiency chart shows the effectiveness of the Operator. This can be used to incentivise good operators. This chart can be used in tandem with Work Order efficiency to increase productivity.

load chart
Load Chart

Dynamic Load chart for every workcenter gives the overall machine hours computed based on the customer forecast. The chart helps in PLANNING the overall manufacturing. This is a ready reckoner for the Production Head to predict how much load can be taken and how to distribute.

work order efficiency chart
Work Order Efficiency

Work Order efficiency is a drilldown of the overall production efficiency and indicates the efficiency at the Work Order level. Very useful for the Production Heads in helping them tweak the process or figure out why the actual manufacturing time is more than the estimated time.

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